Baggage essentials

Hand baggage

You are entitled to carry two items of hand baggage, each weighing up to 6 kg. One can be a laptop or a handbag.


Your flight 1 hand bag/laptop  1 cabin bag 


 max 6 kg 45 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm

max 6 kg


For safety reasons and to ensure your comfort in the cabin, it may be necessary to place hand baggage in the aircraft hold. In this case your hand baggage will be tagged with a valet tag and handed back to you immediately after arrival at the aircraft steps when you disembark the aircraft. Hand baggage with wheels will always be placed in the aircraft hold.


Please ensure you remove fragile and items from hand baggage placed in the hold, including computer equipment, cash, keys, passport and medicine.


Find out more about carrying liquids, as well as banned and restricted items, here.


Checked baggage


You are allowed to carry one piece of baggage weighing up to 23kg.


Extra and overweight baggage


You can carry extra baggage for a fee. 


Fees for extra bags are charged at a fixed rate for a one-way trip. If you choose to pay online before your departure on My Booking you can ejoy a discount but can choose to pay this at the airport.


Notice: Please ensure you check in in advance when carrying extra baggage.


Baggage weighing more than 32kg will not be allowed on the flight.


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